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The English Language Learning Institute is home to the IEP Face-to-Face, AMP-ESL PREP Online, and the AMP ESL programs.

The English Language Learning Institute’s programs – the Accelerated Mountaineer Program for English as a Second Language, Accelerated Mountaineer Prep Online Program, and the Intensive English Program Face-to-Face Program – serve the English language learning and cultural needs of WVU’s students whose first language is other than English by:

  1. Preparing students for the rigors of study in an American academic setting.
  2. Facilitating global understanding and awareness of cultural diversity.
  3. Cultivating an atmosphere of service, personal attention, respect and mutual cooperation.
  4. Fostering the use of current methods and mentoring for instructor professional development
  5. Incorporating special programs for professional and nontraditional students.

These programs provide a supportive and secure environment where students of all cultures can participate in classes and activities which advance English proficiency.

ELLI offers two accelerated-access AMP ESL Programs for international students to choose when planning their academic study careers as undergraduates at WVU. Students with IELTS and TOEFL test scores may participate in the AMP ESL Program, which consists of credit-bearing classes to earn credits that may count toward their degrees. These topic-based classes synthesize English language support and popular academic topics.

Students who do not have test scores or do not have high enough test scores for AMP ESL may enroll in the Intensive English Program Face-to-Face or the AMP-ESL PREP Online Program to improve their English language skills.

OUR programs

Intensive English Program

  • Academic English language and culture studies.
  • Test scores not required.
  • Easily accessible semester schedules.


  • A one or two semester program, depending on how much assistance is needed to meet English language standards for university study.
  • All courses may earn credit toward the undergraduate degree.
  • Begin taking all major courses after the program.

special offerings

    In addition to the semester-long programs, ELLI offers a variety of other program options.
    • AMP ESL Prep Online (by request for small groups only)
    • One-on-One Instruction
    • Tutoring
    • Special Group Programs
    Email us for more information on Special Offerings.
    Learn more about AMP ESL PREP.