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Activities and Events

Photo of IEP students celebrating Holi Festival of Colors

Intensive English Program Students share cultures and celebrate Holi, Festival of colors, Morgantown, WV.

At ELLI, the IEP Face-to-Face, AMP-ESL Prep Online and AMP-ESL Programs host many extracurricular activities and events which offer English language students opportunities for extra language practice and chances to connection with students across campus and with members of the community.  


English Challenge
Mondays at 2:45pm
Group discussion and activities with student's and faculty's favorite books
English in Action 
Wednesdays at 2:45pm
Join students and faculty as they demonstrate recipes and share foods from their cultures. Play food-themed games.

IEP Spring Celebration
Apr 5th at 2:30pm
Celebrating History, Traditions, Games of the season.
IEP Graduation   Apr. 26th at 12:00pm
End-of-semester ceremony for Fall semester.
 Spring Showcase
Apr. 26th at 10:00am
Celebration and exhibition of student projects and activities for the fall semester.
 International Students at WVU seeking extra training in English as a Second Language may now enroll in any of the AMP-ESL courses.  Check with your advisor today!