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Intensive English Program

Designed to prepare students for a comprehensive understanding of the English language, and successfully enter West Virginia University.

Many students enter the IEP to gain the necessary language level to successfully complete an academic program at WVU, while others join to simply better their conversation abilities. With leveled curriculum, students of any ability can manage to achieve incredible improvements in their speaking, reading and writing abilities.

Students come to IEP to learn English and become accustomed to life in the United States. While the process is not always easy, students learn many things about themselves and others that will help them succeed in life.

As an IEP student, you will receive help with all aspects of living in Morgantown, West Virginia. Services include assistance with housing, banking, academic and personal counseling, healthcare and legal matters. In addition, you will have access to most University facilities and entertainment.

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Students at all levels of the program follow a core curriculum of Communication Skills, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Independent Study courses. In addition, students attend several elective courses, such as Professional English, American Culture, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The goals of the curriculum include:

  • Providing instruction and training in the English language
  • Familiarizing international students with the educational methods of higher education institutions in the United States.
The curriculum is structured over 16 weeks for fall and spring semesters.  The summer semester is more intensive with the curriculum structured within 12 weeks.  Each week consists of a minimum 21 hours of classroom instructional time.  Additional language contact hours are presented in a variety of English based activities.

Program Description

Full-time students in the Intensive English Program attend classes for a minimum of 21 hours per week. During the fall and spring semesters, students follow the regular university calendar and schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes of 50 minutes and Tuesday and Thursday classes of 75 minutes each.

Students who are placed at the lowest level (IEP Prep) upon enrollment and who make satisfactory progress throughout their course of study each semester typically complete the program within 5 semesters. However, most new students are placed at higher levels (usually IEP 2 or 3) and some of them are placed at our highest level, IEP 4, from the start. Therefore, most students who make satisfactory progress throughout their course of study complete the program within one year, on average.


Student progression from one level of the IEP to the next level at end of semester requires a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Students who do not achieve an average of 3.0 in all courses will be required to repeat their current level in the IEP the following semester.

Student progression from Level 4 IEP to the AMP-ESL-2 path at WVU requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 at end of Level 4 semester.  Students in the IEP may not progress to a higher AMP ESL path or to full university study without the requisite test scores.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to learning English in the classroom, students are encouraged, to participate in extra-curricular activities arranged by the activities coordinator in the IEP. In the fall and spring semesters, a Conversation Partner Program matches up IEP students with native speakers for one-on-one conversation, and students can attend the Conversation Table to participate in group conversations. English Challenge group allows students to choose their own reading, set their own goals and meet their own challenges. In addition, there are regular outings to restaurants, shopping and local attractions.

2023-2024 Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

June 1

Spring Semester

October 1

Summer Semester

February 15

Additional time is allotted for submitting documents. Online programs may have different deadlines.

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