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Intensive English Program

About the IEP


The  IEP program serves the English language learning and cultural needs of international students who are building their academic English language proficiency by:

  1. Preparing students for the rigors of study in an American academic setting
  2. Facilitating global understanding and awareness of cultural diversity
  3. Cultivating an atmosphere of service, personal attention, respect and mutual cooperation
  4. Fostering the use of current methods and mentoring for instructor professional development
  5. Incorporating special programs for professional and nontraditional students
The IEP accomplishes these objectives by providing a supportive and secure environment where students of all cultures can participate in classes and activities which advance English proficiency.

IEP 2023 Fall Semester 

  •  The 2023 Fall Semester IEP program is 7 courses:
    • Dates: The IEP will offer a face-to-face program in Fall 2023, beginning on August 16, 2023 to December 18, 2023.
    • Courses:  Five core courses will be offered:  Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Communication Skills, and Writing, with two integrated skills courses:  American Culture and Professional English, all of which will be offered Face-to-face.
    • Fall Orientation:  August 16, 2023
  •  The program schedule is as follows: 
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:  Grammar, Reading, and Vocabulary from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    • Monday and Wednesday:  Communication Skills from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m.
    • Tuesday and Thursday: Writing 10:00 to 11:15 a.m., and Integrated Skills Classes 11:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
  • Extracurricular activities (English in Action, holiday cultural events, English Challenge, and Conversation Club) will be offered.  
  • All textbooks and materials will be available in print and electronically.  All assignments will be submitted online.  
  • Students may enroll in a part-time or full-time program of courses. View our tuition and fees.


If you have additional questions about the IEP programs and activities, please contact Dr. Susan Braidi, the IEP Academic Co-Director at


The IEP application process is completed outside of the IEP: 

  1. Start your IEP Application Process Online.  The process is directed by the Office of Global Affairs (OGA).    
  2. Once the application file is complete, it is forwarded to the Admissions Office.   
  3. IEP Fall 2023 Orientation- On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, we will have a full day of orientation to the IEP and to WVU beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.  We will also have placement testing, essay writing, and course registration processing. The IEP will send additional information about the IEP Orientation and placement testing via email.
  4. The deadline for the Fall program is July 1, 2023.   

If you have questions about your application, you can send an email with your questions to the OGA email account at


Founded in 1979, the Intensive English Program in the English Language Learning Institute of West Virginia University is a well-established program for international students needing to improve their English proficiency prior to entering an academic course of study. Our program is accredited with the American Association of Intensive English Programs, the Consortium of University and College Intensive English Programs and Commission on English Language Program Accreditation.

 International Students at WVU seeking extra training in English as a Second Language may now enroll in any of the AMP-ESL courses.  Check with your advisor today!