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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Now Open to ALL International Students beginning Fall 2023

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Find answers to common questions regarding the Accelerated Mountaineer Program for English as a Second Language (AMP ESL).

Does this program offer face-to-face or online courses?

This program is designed as a face-to-face program and will be run as such unless university requirements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic require courses to be moved online.

How do I apply?

To apply to the AMP ESL program, visit How to Apply.

Do AMP ESL applicants need to meet a minimum ESL proficiency requirement?

Yes, prospective AMP ESL students must meet a minimum IELTS, TOEFL or DuoLingo ESL score to register and participate in this advanced program. Check the minimum ESL proficiency requirements.

What is the total cost?

The cost of the AMP ESL program is linked to WVU's IEP tuition. In addition, AMP ESL students will pay the Eberly college tuition.

Will this program give a study visa?

Like all face-to-face programs at WVU, international applicants will be able to get a student visa. The Office of Global Affairs runs this process.

Can an AMP ESL student be a part-time student?

Part-time students are allowed, but visas will not be given to part-time students.

Can someone enroll in AMP ESL and study from their home country?

No. The AMP ESL program is an intensive English program for international students who wish to improve their ESL skills quickly while earning credits toward their degree. AMP ESL students must study on the WVU campus at Morgantown to effectively participate in this intensive program. Prospective students who wish to improve their ESL skills while remaining in their home countries may choose to study in the AMP ESL PREP online program. AMP ESL PREP courses do not count toward a degree study program. AMP ESL PREP does not allow for a direct path to AMP ESL. Students wishing to enroll in AMP ESL after the PREP courses will need to provide the appropriate English language test scores.

Must applicants to AMP-ESL be degree-seeking applicants or can WVU exchange or casual students enroll?

No, WVU exchange and WVU casual students are not able to take courses in this program. The program is not able to accept non-AMP ESL students at this time.

Who will advise prospective and current AMP ESL students?

AMP ESL students will receive specialized advising for program planning and course registrations from the specially trained AMP ESL Student Program Advisor during the enrollment process and while studying in the AMP ESL program. The AMP ESL Student advisor will assist students with tasks related to the program and progression through the program.

Will AMP ESL students receive academic support for ESL courses and other university courses?

AMP ESL students will receive support through a variety of resources such as Math Tutoring, Writing Lab and Study Hall, among others.

Will there be extracurricular activities or events that AMP ESL students can participate in?

The ELLI hosts many extracurricular activities and cultural events for IEP and AMP ESL students each semester. AMP ESL students will have a variety of weekly activities and other events scheduled during the semester through which they may practice their language skills and connect with the community.

How do students move from the AMP ESL program to full enrollment in their major courses?

A failed ESL course or courses will prohibit students from progressing to the next AMP ESL path or to a regular university course of study. Students who successfully complete the AMP ESL Path 2 with a GPA of 2.25 or higher may apply to enroll in AMP ESL Path 1 courses the next semester. AMP ESL Path 1 students who complete the AMP ESL Path 1 courses with a GPA of 2.25 or higher may apply for WVU courses contingent on meeting the admission requirements for their program. AMP ESL students must meet all other prerequisites for their degree program before being admitted into that major.

 International Students at WVU seeking extra training in English as a Second Language may now enroll in any of the AMP-ESL courses.  Check with your advisor today!