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Program Daily Schedule

Fulbright Summer Program

The Pre-Academic program is a series of courses and workshops designed to help participants prepare for graduate academic study and adjust to U.S. culture. Courses and workshops include work on a small research project.

Program Description

Fulbright students enroll in the 6-week program. Classes focus on improving skills in all four areas – listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as culture of U.S. academic institutions.

Classroom Activities #

  • Practicing conversational English 
  • Learning vocabulary for academic and social purposes 
  • Listening, reading, discussing and writing about current topics 
  • Preparing oral presentations on topics of interest 
  • Participating in academic discussions 

Throughout the program, you will be encouraged and expected to use English for academic purposes. This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with U.S. culture in a low-stress environment and make connections with other Fulbright grantees prior to establishing at your new university.

Schedule #

Event     Date
Arrival Saturday, July 1st
First Day of Classes and Orientation Monday, July 3rd
Departure Saturday, August 12th

Sample Daily Schedule

Time     Event Title / Speaker / Details
Monday & Wednesday Mornings
Academic Reading & Writing 
The academic reading and writing course will focus on advanced-level language/academic course work and will allow students to develop their understanding of U.S. academic English usage in various written formats necessary for graduate-level work. It will provide students with opportunities to practice their academic writing skills and to gain insights into the conventions of academic speech appropriate at the graduate level in the U.S. context.
Academic Listening & Speaking
The academic listening and speaking course will provide students opportunities to practice communication skills and the conventions of academic speech appropriate at the graduate level. It will focus on advanced-level language/academic course work and will allow students to develop their understanding of U.S. academic English usage further.

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings
Academic Skills & Culture
The academic skills and U.S. academic culture course will provide students with an overview of U.S. academic culture and introduce them to various procedures and conventions of U.S. graduate school education at the master’s and/or doctoral level.

Cross-Cultural Awareness
The cross-cultural awareness course will increase students’ awareness of the benefits and stresses of the adjustment process they will be experiencing as they interact with the academic and social community in which they will live during their stay in the U.S.
Monday -Thursday Afternoons
Life at U.S. Universities
The afternoon courses will supplement the morning courses by either addressing or reinforcing additional program requirements. Most afternoon sessions will take place in lecture halls on campus and will feature guest speakers from WVU and the Morgantown community.
Fridays & Saturdays
Community Connections activities, Field Trips and Historical Site Visits
Self-Guided Independent Recreation Time

Community & Culture Activities #

The only state entirely located in Appalachia, West Virginia (The Mountain State) is home to spirited small towns, undiscovered hidden gems, and world-class outdoor adventures. The Fulbright Summer 2023 program includes co-curricular activities and field trips to help participants discover the beauty of Morgantown and surrounding areas. From local activities, such as a session at WVU’s planetarium, walking tours, and a trip to the WVU Core Arboretum, to farther-reaching activities, such as a visit to Pittsburgh, PA and to natural sites in WV, participants will be able to experience a variety of local cultures.

A few activities scheduled for this summer:

  • 4th of July Festivities
  • Host Orientation Meet & Greet
  • Trip - Arthurdale Heritage Site
  • Adventure WV Day-trip- Natural Sites
  • Black Bears Baseball Game
  • Trip - Pittsburgh, PA (boat, incline, dinner)
  • Trip - Laurel Caverns and Fort Necessity
  • WOW Factory: Creative Arts (hands-on crafts activity)
  • Trip - Mason Dixon Park Regional History (Tour, dinner, concert, bonfire)