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Program Faculty and Staff

Fulbright Summer Program 2023

The ELLI faculty and staff have a long history of ESL, EFL and U.S. culture instruction with experience teaching abroad in countries such as Brazil, China, France, Italy, and Taiwan.

photo of ELLI faculty of the Fulbright Pre-Academic Program Summer 2023

About Us

Our program leaders have a combined 100+ years of experience.

Amy stands outside wearing a black jacket with bright blue blouse and an ornate necklace

Amy S. Thompson, PhD
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Dr. Amy S. Thompson (Ph.D., Second Language Studies, Michigan State University) will oversee all aspects of this project and serve as lead program coordinator. She is currently the Department Chair, Woodburn Professor of Applied Linguistics, Director of International Relations and Strategic Planning for Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at WVU, and ELLI co-director, and has experience with international students and programming at multiple universities and modalities.

Kristen Williams wearing glasses and a nice blue scarf

Kristen Williams
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Ms. Kristen Williams (MA TESOL, WVU) will serve as program co-coordinator and instructor. She will coordinate the guest lectures in the afternoon Life at U.S. Universities course. She is a teaching instructor in ELLI with experience in all levels and core subjects offered in the IEP and academic writing in AMP. 

Lorena holds her dissertation while posing for a photo.

Lorena Ballester, PhD
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Dr. Lorena Ballester (Ph.D., Higher Education, WVU) will serve as an administrative assistant to help with budget and logistics. She serves as the program specialist for the Department of WLLL. She has over 10 years of experience in higher education working with the international student population.

Lindsei poses for photo wearing a nice white blouse, earrings and her hair pulled back halfway.

Lindsei Pereira
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Ms. Lindsei Pereira da Silva (MA TESOL, WVU) will serve as the assistant coordinator of curriculum and will teach the Academic Skills and U.S. Academic Culture course and will oversee the curriculum as a whole. She serves as curriculum and assessment coordinator for the IEP and is also in charge of English proficiency waivers for graduate applicants at WVU.

Susan with curly hair and glasses wears a blue jacket with black blouse and a necklace with a teardrop shaped pendant.

Susan Braidi, PhD
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Dr. Susan Braidi (Ph.D., Linguistics University of Delaware) will serve as the curriculum co-lead. She is the academic co-director of ELLI and an associate professor of TESOL. She is on the Fulbright U.S. Student Program National Screening Committee for English Teaching Assistantships and was a Fulbright Junior Lecturer in the English Teacher Training Program in Italy.

Jennifer wears glasses, long hair and a boldly patterned, black and white blouse.

Jennifer Simpson Ross
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Ms. Jennifer Simpson Ross (MA, TESOL/Linguistics, WVU) will serve as the co-curricular activities lead and will teach the Cross-Cultural Awareness course. She became ELLI events coordinator in 2019 and has taught many courses in the IEP, including American Culture, University Skills, and World Cultures.

Tracy poses for his photo wearing a suit jacket with collared blue shirt

Tracy Dingess
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Mr. Tracy Dingess (MA Linguistics - TESOL, WVU) will serve as the technology and host families lead and will teach the Academic Reading and Writing course. He has taught U.S. culture courses at Wuhan University, China. He teaches writing courses in ELLI and is responsible for electronic communications and the website. 

Livia , with long, slightly curly hair, poses for her photo with a blue jacket and light colored shirt

Livia Cascao
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Ms. Livia Cascao (MA TESOL, MA Curriculum and Instruction, WVU) will serve as the housing lead and will teach the Academic Listening and Speaking class. She has extensive experience with teaching and students’ services in the U.S. and abroad. She has planned events for the IEP, co-developed the Accelerated Mountaineer Program, and coordinates special programs for ELLI.